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Rhode Island Adventure Diving™

  Photograph by Motria Benson


Scuba Divers Don and Marlene Snyder, pictured with their cabin cruiser Sandpiper, assisted by family and friends, research, write, illustrate, and publish the Rhode Island Adventure Diving books.

The books detail the exact GPS and Loran locations of nearly one-hundred of Rhode Island's most exciting shore and boat dive locations. These profusely illustrated, meticulously researched books outline the history of each site, and vividly describe what is there to be seen, explored and experienced. The Rhode Island Adventure Diving™ books are revised and updated as new information and locations are identified.

The Rhode Island Adventure Diving™ books are described in more detail on the accompanying Dive Books page.

The books may be purchased from your local dive shop, selected book stores, and selected web booksellers.



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